Meet Sally Barlow

At Sally Barlow's core lies both heart and vision that when combined, creates work that can define, glorify, enlighten, entertain, or simply evoke. A visual artist of nearly two decades and a lifelong love for art, Sally continues to create work that captivates and inspires.

With an accomplished career as a graphic designer, Sally has worked with many clients from small local businesses creating an identity to large organizations like CMA (Country Music Association) designing projects like NYC billboards and People Magazine ads.

While still enjoying design work in the corporate world, Sally has also recently ventured into the world of art. She combines her skills as a graphic artist with her passion for painting, illustration and photography to create a style of art that is one of a kind.

Sally’s art has been seen nationwide in stores across the country. She has a brand new line of products featuring her art and is exciting to share them with you along with all of the possibilities being a visual artist holds.